Prof. A. A. Obiniyi

Academician in Information Technology (AIT) is a coordinating group for all those who are involve in teaching and research in the field of Information Technology (IT) working in tertiary intuitions within and outside Nigeria who are ready to associate with the group. It is an interest group of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). The National Executive of Nigeria Computer Society approved the creation of the interest group on June 3, 2015. AIT is an association of academia with the common goal of fostering research and development in addition to promoting interest of members. Signatures were collected from erudite academia Prof. A. A. Obiniyi in the 2014 Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) Conference in Enugu towards bringing together all scholars from all over the country and abroad under the same umbrella. These signatures were scrutinized to make sure it conforms to the procedure for forming an interest group under the society. The approval was finally given in the NCS National Executive Council meeting of June 3, 2015